Tips for Hiring a NYC Wedding Photographer

By Steven Young: Stak Studios

The big day is surrounded by excitement and activity. In fact, there's often so much going on that it can be difficult to take in all of the most important moments. Luckily, some of these moments can be captured in photos. But the key to making sure that you can look back on this day with a smile is to hire a skilled photographer who shares and understands your vision. Here are a few tips for choosing a top NYC wedding photographer.


One of the first things you need to consider is the style that you're interested in. Most people want something that will appeal to not only the couple but future generations. Look through the wedding albums of others and decide what expectations you have and what exactly draws you to a particular style. Once you have an idea, you should be on the lookout for a photographer that has mastered the style that you want:

Photojournalistic "The Candids"

Candid photography is much more than angelic portraits that feature captivating photo-editing effects. Instead, it's about creativity and telling a beautiful story. Rather than styled and posed shots, the photographer focuses on emotional moments that are unguarded and uncensored. This style is similar to a documentary in that it's based on spontaneity and action. The photographer who specializes in candid images has a keen sense of what matters most and can capture these moments quickly.

Traditional Family Shots

There's a lot to be said for highlighting the people that are nearest and dearest to you. And this is the focus of the traditional shot. Unlike candids, the traditional style is about posed, stylistic images. It captures the ceremony, rituals, and most importantly, your family and friends. You get to look back on the moments that you've been imagining for quite some time. This includes things such as the cutting of the cake, toasts, speeches, "the first look," and group shots with your entourage.

The photographer who specializes in the traditional style has years of experience with capturing the key shots that are important to most people. They know how to give direction and how to keep everything moving as quickly and smoothly as possible. They also know how to get the best reactions from your wedding party.

A Healthy Mixture

While it may be simple to choose one style over the other, it's often a good idea to incorporate a mixture of the two. This ensures that your wedding album is interesting and fun to look back at. Ultimately, the best photographers have mastered both styles. They'll be able to capture the emotions as well as the traditional family shots that you've been looking forward to since you've started the planning.


If you want to be sure that the photographer can offer what you're looking for, it's important that you take a look at their past work. The best photographers have a portfolio that shows off their level of skill. Consider how diverse the portfolio is. Ideally, it should include everything from reception shots to family portraits.

You should be captivated by how well they were able to capture the honesty and raw emotion. Are you drawn in by the level of intimacy portrayed in the images? When viewing the photos, you should be able to experience everything from love and joy to anxiety and relief. These are the types of images that will make your wedding album interesting and the images memorable.


Most photographers have a website on which they post their best images. While you could base your decisions solely on the images that you see here, it's a good idea to look outside of their site. Ask for a full gallery. This way, you'll get to see all of their samples and you'll be more confident in the decision that you make.

Aim for Consistency

There may be a couple of shots that stand out to you. But keep in mind that it's best to work with a photographer that's consistent. Anyone is capable of taking a nice shot from time to time,