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Dobbin St will create, organize, staff, and set up the bar at your event. We provide a highly experienced head of bar and bar staff who can also help you create a personalized package which can be tailored to your needs.


We offer a uniquely transparent pricing structure where there are absolutely no additional charges. Apart from New York sales tax, what you see is exactly what you pay. Every package includes bar glassware, bar staff, gratuity, bar fruit, mixers, soft drinks, still water, sparkling water, liqueurs, and ice.


All alcoholic beverage service provided exclusively through Dobbin St and its staff. 

Bar hours must be consecutive and full hours. 4 hour minimum on all weddings.

*Children under 5 years old are free of charge


Non-Alcoholic Package

Water | Sparkling water | Juices (orange, cranberry, grapefruit) | Soft Drinks (coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, club soda), Ice, lemons and limes

$30 per person. 


Classic Beer & Wine 

House Red (Malbec) | House White (Sauvignon Blanc) | Rosé** | Beer (Pacifico and Brooklyn Lager) and soft drinks (non-alcoholic).

$35 per guest | 2 hour bar

$42 per guest | 3 hour bar

$47 per guest | 4 hour bar

$52 per guest | 5 hour bar

$57 per guest | 6 hour bar

Premium Beer & Wine 

Includes our Beer & Wine, plus: Specialty Red ( Pinot Noir) | Specialty White (Chardonnay)  | Rosé** | Beer (Pacifico, Brooklyn Lager, Blue Moon, Corona, Magic Hat, and Soft Drinks (non-alcoholic).


$40 per guest | 2 hour bar

$52 per guest | 3 hour bar

$59 per guest | 4 hour bar

$61 per guest | 5 hour bar

$67 per guest | 6 hour bar


* Note: All liquor packages includes any classic cocktails that can be made with liquors, mixers and ingredients in within bar package of choice. Cocktails that require special ingredients will be considered a specialty cocktail which is an add-on starting at $5/pp

Classic Open Bar 

Includes our Premium Beer & Wine, plus: Vodka (Tito's) | Gin (Greenhook) | Rum (Gosling's) | Tequila (Milagro Reposado) |

Scotch (Copper Dog) | Bourbon (Knob Creek), Cordials ( Vermouth, Bitters, Triple Sec, Campari, Amaretto, Aperol)  | any classic cocktail and one seasonal cocktail. 

$45 per guest | 2 hour bar

$56 per guest | 3 hour bar

$62 per guest | 4 hour bar

$72 per guest | 5 hour bar

$76 per guest | 6 hour bar


The Curated Bar Experience 

Includes our Premium Wine and Beer, plus: Vodka (Grey Goose, Crystal Head), Gin (Botanist, Nikki Gin), Rum (Owney’s, Diplomatic Reserva, Tequila
(Casa Noble Joven, Casa Dragones Blanco Silver), Mezcal (Gem & Bolt), Japanese Whiskey (Hibiki Harmony), Irish Whiskey (Teeling Small), Rye (Bulleit), Bourbon (Hudson Baby Bourbon), Scotch Single Malt (Glenlivet 12 yr).
Also includes Soft drinks (non-alcoholic), any Classic Cocktail and two Seasonal Cocktails.


$73   per guest | 2 hour bar

$84   per guest | 3 hour bar

$94   per guest | 4 hour bar

$100   per guest | 5 hour bar

$104 per guest | 6 hour bar


Selections listed above are examples; and are subject to change based on seasonality and exciting new options.  

À La Carte Options

  • Requests: We can accept up to 2 brands of alcohol for a package depending on the cost and availability  (this includes spirits, beer, and wine)

  • Specialty Cocktails | Starting at $5 per person to be served during cocktail hour

  • Prosecco Toast | $7 per guest

  • Prosecco at the bar throughout the evening | $10 per guest

  • Champagne Toast | $11 per person

  • Champagne at the bar throughout the evening | $18 per person

*Welcome drinks are a great option; however please note that they must start when your bar opens. Bar hours must be consecutive full hours.

**Rosé only available May through October.



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