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sustainable bar

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Did you know that food waste and packaging fills 45% of landfills? We are committed to changing that. 


We are very excited to announce that Dobbin St is launching our sustainable bar package!  We want to honor the environment around us and are taking the necessary steps toward becoming eco-friendly and sustainable. 

What this means:

All plastic use will be eliminated

Straws eliminated (unless needed & requested)

Organic & in season garnishes and fruits (local when possible)

Waste will be recycled and composted


Classic Sustainable Bar Package 

Organic and local liquor, wine, and beer selection

Beverages packed and provided in glass bottles & glassware

Includes Beer: (Peak Summer, Brooklyn Lager) | Vodka (Fair Quinoa) | Gin (Greenhook) | Rum (Fair Rum) | Tequila (Milagro Reposado) |Scotch (Highland Harvest Organic) | Bourbon (Hudson Baby)

 + any classic cocktails and one seasonal cocktail. 


*Selections listed above are examples; and are subject to change based on seasonality and exciting new options

$60 per guest | 2 hour bar

$71 per guest | 3 hour bar

$81 per guest | 4 hour bar

$87 per guest | 5 hour bar

$91 per guest | 6 hour bar


Sustainable Events at Dobbin St

We will be working hand in hand with Common Ground Compost to implement the best practices specific to each event.

In addition, we are grateful to work with some incredible bespoke vendors who have implemented sustainable practices:


Pinch Food Design

Common Ground Compost

Rosehip Social

Skurnick Wines

For additional info, please email:

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