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Sarah and Chris Jones wed at Dobbin St this past August. Read more about the two and their fun, vibrant, and romantic wedding.

What made you choose Dobbin St as your event space?

Being in the wedding industry (specifically in NJ) I had seen a lot of ballrooms, barns, and typical wedding venues that were overplayed and not our style. My husband Chris is from St Louis, and his extended family and friends would be traveling to the festivities regardless, so we broadened our venue search and found Dobbin St. We have absolutely zero ties to Brooklyn or NY, but the unique space and beautiful backdrop had us SOLD! 

How did you two meet?

We met at Rutgers University- he was in a fraternity and I was in a sorority that was partnering with him and his brothers for a Greek event. That was our first introduction to each other, but the true love story began when I bought him a shot at an infamous campus bar on his 21st birthday (I remember the entire exchange perfectly, Chris has a much hazier version of how everything played out) 

What was your favorite part about the wedding day?

The cocktail hour sunset!!!! We literally had cotton candy skies following a morning of dreary rain. 

Did anything unexpected happen?

Our caterer disappeared 2 weeks before our wedding date. He could not be contacted and panic ensued quickly. Our main contact at Dobbin St. went swiftly into disaster mode and within 12 hours had us multiple proposals from new caterers. Within 24 hours we had a new caterer going above and beyond to fulfill our catering/rental services all because of Dobbin St's amazing efforts. 

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

As a married couple we are most looking forward to... babies!!! Both the human and furry kind :)

What was your wedding inspiration?

Our inspiration was Urban Outfitters. I am trendy and eclectic but my husband Christopher is a midwestern outdoorsman. My goal was to couple the two vibes while still keeping things modern and chic.

What advice do you have for future couples at Dobbin St?

Let the venue speak for itself! It’s a blank slate- utilize the opportunity to build your personal couple style into the atmosphere. 

All photos courtesy of Young Love Media

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