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Let's Talk Sustainability

Quarantine has given us the time to reflect and make some changes - not only for ourselves but for the Earth. We're taking some steps at Dobbin to better honor the environment around us and want to share how you can to!

Buy Local & Organic

Buying local is one of the easiest things to do! Buying goods local to you helps in reducing your carbon footprint. An added bonus is taking pride in your neighborhood / city / state. From fruits, vegetables, beer, liquor, and clothing, the options are far and wide. At Dobbin, we're supporting local through our beers, liquors, and garnishes. When buying local isn't in reach, buying organic is your next step!

Reduce Plastic Waste

We now this is probably engraved in everyone's heads but we'll repeat it. Limit plastic use!! We're choosing to eliminate plastic straws at Dobbin and are turning to bamboo and metal when straw are needed. We're keeping the plastic to the minimum by getting rid of plastic water bottles, offering glass bottles for soda and juices, and using the glassware we have for our bar! Speaking of glassware - did you know that it's more eco-friendly to run the dishwasher, than to hand-wash your dishes? If you have a dishwasher available (which we know can be rare in New York City), put that dishwasher to use!

Compost & Recycle

Did you now that one third of food waste in New York is compostable food? Composting brings the good nutrients back into soil, which leads to better plants, fruits, and vegetables. We're excited to be working with Common Ground Compost. Common Ground Compost helps facilitate the recycling of organics and works with us and our clients to educate and separate all recyclables into proper waste systems. For our Williamsburg friends you can bring your scraps to the McCarren Park Greenmarket every Saturday, year round! It's important to note that due to Covid-19, food waster drop off is suspended until further notice. Another option is The North Brooklyn Compost Project. They'll collect your compost scraps in North Brooklyn!

Interested in holding a sustainable event at Dobbin? Check out our new sustainable bar here.

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